According to medical experts, having a persistent stuffy nose with a post nasal drip for 12 or more weeks qualifies as chronic sinusitis, an inflammatory disease that typically starts as a viral infection followed up with bacterial and possibly even fungal infections. However, it can also be noninfectious and related to allergies and other immune system disorders that can contribute to chronic sinusitis. This inflammation disrupts the body’s ability to balance natural mucous secretions and feeds into a microbial-friendly environment—making it a persistent and treatment-resistant condition.244

Recent lab and human studies suggest that resveratrol may offer a better treatment option than conventional therapies, which typically involve steroids to treat symptoms, antimicrobial medication, and sometimes even surgery if drugs don’t work.244-245 Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory and regulatory properties were shown to significantly inhibit secretions, with therapeutic effect matching dosage level.245 When compared to pharmaceutical drugs, resveratrol actually performed much better than ciclesonide, triamcinolone, and budesonide, and similar to fluticasone proprionate.245

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