Want to try resveratrol in your favorite skin care product? You can buy it in powder form, standardized to 98% pure trans-resveratrol, from BulkActives. In their FAQs section, the site asserts its products are purchased as food grade and when repackaged and sold substances are categorized as cosmetic/technical grade.

Resveratrol’s fat-burning and fat-inhibiting effects are promoted in VINIFEROL®, a “caffeine free slimming cream.”

Available in 35 SPF, Image Skincare’s Daily Defense Ultimate Preventive Moisturizer is a spa-quality paraben-free skin lotion. It adds resveratrol’s antioxidant protection from free radical damage to zinc and titanium oxide to create a natural, nutritional sunscreen for your skin.

For a non-alcoholic healthy drink packed with resveratrol and other ingredients that promote health and youthful-looking skin (e.g., collagen and hyaluronic acid), you might want to try Jusuru® Life Blend™.

Chateau Lorraine and Nutra-Lift® carry a full line of resveratrol-containing products, including:

Chateau Lorraine Nutra-Lift®
Body Butter Moisturizer SPF 25 and SPF 30
Body Lotion Toner
Body Oil Foaming Facial Scrub
Body Polish Non Soap Cleanser
Body Wash 30 SPF Sunscreen
Foot Therapy
Chocolate Body Butter and Mask
Wrinkle Creams and Serums
Shampoo and Hair Conditioner
Cleansing Creams and Shower Gels

B. Kamins C-Resveratrol Serum is chock-full of age-fighting antioxidants for your skin, including CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin E, goji berry, and açaí.

For a rejuvenating and moisturizing anti-aging exfoliant, you can try 100% Pure Red Wine Resveratrol Scrub & Mask.

If you’re looking for lipsticks containing all food-grade ingredients as well as free from synthetic dyes, petroleum-based chemicals, genetically-modified botanicals, sulfates, chemicals used in the plastics industry, parabens, and tricolosan, why not try some that does contain the all-natural antioxidant resveratrol? Each delicious shade of BITE Beauty’s Luminous Crème Lipstick Trio contains as much trans-resveratrol as five glasses of wine, as well as vitamin E, vitamin C, and organic shea butter and argan oil. You can find out more information about this cosmetic line and purchase the set at Sephora.

There are even hair products that contain the antioxidant and UV-protection of resveratrol:

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